Letting Go of Old Identities

I wrote this a year ago. I needed my own pep talk today!



Life’s too short for drama and negativity,
Pointing out the problem doesn’t take much ability.
Saturate the day with encouragement and optimism,
It’ll take focus and work, the opposite of passivism.

Only you can go to places that will stretch & grow you,
It will be scary, difficult, but it will reward you.
No one will cheer you, but go there anyway,
Few will understand, it’s the price you must pay.

The sign of maturity is to become less dramatic,
Being the victim has now become anti-climatic.
Energizing those around, you’re no longer a drain,
Hope is your new choice, like the smell of spring rain.

Jesus came to remove the sin of exclusion,
The Pharisees felt threatened like he was an intrusion.
Gandhi was puzzled by the churches prejudice,
He stayed Hindu because there was no difference.

We create our own boxes, it’s time to get rid of them,

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go of Old Identities

  1. Beautiful! Love it.

    Lanise Hargett Children’s Ministry Director 530-919-6181

    On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 11:48 AM, kenburkey wrote:

    > burkeyken posted: “I wrote this a year ago. I needed my own pep talk > today!”

  2. Scripture comes to mind, (in so many words)… Letting go of that which so easily hinders us, and striving for the goal…
    Lord Bless you Pastor Ken! Gail Tarbell

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