Don’t quit, keep going!


“Don’t quit, keep going!” It’s easy to say

But words fall flat, at the end of the day

“Don’t quit, keep going!”, an interesting theory

While trials, troubles, tragedies keep my life dreary

“Don’t quit, keep going!”, love to finish my race

I’m tired and sad, but another day I must face

“Don’t quit, keep going!” The preacher extols

My pain and discouragement have taken its toll

“Why don’t you quit”, my friends say, “Why don’t you give up.”

You must have sinned, you must have messed up.

“Why don’t you quit”, my friends say, “Why try.”

They tell me “Life’s unfair, curse God and die!”

But then I look at people who have endured so much

They inspire me to keep going, with their compassionate touch

They cry real tears, their joy deep and real

They don’t allow the “why’s” to ruin the deal

They allow their hearts to break, not putting on an act

Jesus said, in this world they’ll be sorrow, it’s a fact

Life’s fragile, on our own we’re easily broken

But he also said that trials won’t be the last word spoken

We must remember the words that Jesus said

He has overcome the world, we’re just not there yet

We must remember the cross, he endured the shame,

Because of the joy he knew would follow his suffering.

Consider it all joy, I’m not there yet

But I’ve made up my mind, I’m not going to quit

It’s one day at a time, guarding my heart from dissolution

Finding strength from others, and making God my foundation

So remember Paul’s words, “Don’t get weary in doing right.”

Joy comes in the morning, for those who endure the night.

The promise of Jesus, “He’s preparing a beautiful place”

Where disease is gone, tears dried up and our pain erased.

The Potential of Regrets


Regrets are everywhere, I’m overwhelmed with shame
Guilt rules my world, it’s a hard emotion to tame
I bury it deep, wanting it to go away
I hide it discretely, looking for a new day

Regrets are everywhere, I’m overwhelmed with shame
It’s weakening my bones, it’s rendering me lame
I say it’s no big deal, I minimize the pain
I compromise my values, deepening the stain

Regrets are everywhere, I’m overwhelmed with shame
No peace, no rest, finding someone to blame
I’m guilty as charged, a warrant I serve
A life time of punishment, it’s the least I deserve

My heart is broken, peace a distant thought
I medicate my emotions, my relationships are shot
I need a new life, I need a new chance
Seems it’s not possible, at least at first glance

But I’m learning about a gift, that can’t be bought
It’s a gift, I must receive, on Calvary’s hill it was fought
He took my sin, my debilitating mistakes
Wiped them clean, giving life a new take

Regrets are everywhere, I’m overwhelmed with shame
Christ came quietly, humbly, avoiding the fame
He came to take my transgressions, red as crimson
Making them white as snow, freeing me from prison

Regrets are everywhere, But there is no shame
I’m allowing Christ, his blood, to cover my blame
He came to give life, to set captives free
All we have to do is admit, accept and agree