A Tribute and Poem: Robin Williams


There is laughter on the outside, sadness on the inside

Searching for some kind of peace, but chaos you can’t hide

They exploit your talent, while demons haunt your mind

Your smile is mesmerizing, your blue eyes intensely kind


Success is deceiving, never delivering its promise

World takes you for granted, while taking your profits

Your intellect, underrated, your brilliance, infectious

Your joy, grace and kindness were unarguably contagious


The world will miss you, so much heartache, much need for humor

With hatred and revenge all around, we will miss your candor

If the wise man said, “Laughter is good medicine”

Then you were one of the greatest physicians


Everyone searches for approval, but it’s only a show

The higher the high, the lower the low

We must appreciate the gifts of people that God has given

While making sure we don’t ignore them, seeing their burden


Actors used to be called hypocrites, because they would pretend

They created an alter ego that they’d creatively invent

Look at are own lives, much made-up, knowing how to play

People see one thing, while reality is so far away


Known as the king jester, yet your absurdity was filled with fact

Such sincerity, so many characters, miraculous ability to act

You spoke the truth, “No matter what people tell you and reveal,

words and ideas can change the world.”


Rest in peace Robin Williams and God bless your soul!

2 thoughts on “A Tribute and Poem: Robin Williams

  1. thanks for sharing the poem Ken. I usually don’t get too worked up about what happens with celebrities, but this one bothered me. It made me sad and angry. In the end, I was left with the realization that it is so hard to really know the depth of pain that others may struggle with. It is too easy to judge others and their decisions but not so easy to know the reality of their pain.

  2. WOW, Ken, I love your sensitivity . We are all talented in different ways, I love your talented heart. It blesses so many of us. Love you……..jo

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