Life Is Long, Yet Deceitfully Short


Life is long, yet deceitfully short
My to-do list is busy, a detailed report
I’ve got all day, yet where did it go?
Good times seem fast and bad times seem slow

This day the Lord has wonderfully done
I forget to rejoice, worried bout what’s to come
It’s all about choices, priorities become destiny
What you put first, will control your legacy

We are made for each other, yet often alone
I know a thousand people, but not one profound
I talk at a distance, 140 characters, it’s a safe place
But what my soul longs for is more face to face

My radio’s blaring, can’t hear God’s voice
My eyes are distracted, can’t see His grace
My mind is numb, can’t learn from above
My heart’s been fooled, can’t taste His love

I know what to do, it’s actually clear
But it’s more than knowing, procrastination’s my fear
I’ll do it tomorrow, fired up for the next day
Most dangerous word in the dictionary might be…SOMEDAY

For centuries humans are born, they grow up, grow old
“No urgency, you’ve got plenty of time”, we’re told
But the question ends up being the same ol’
“How did this happen? Where did all the time go?”

Got to hang with my grandma, she’s 98
She taught me the right way, the way to be great
After a century of living, she would tell you that life goes fast
She would tell you God loves forever and He forgives your past

She was a foster mom before there was a foster system
Married to my grandpa, 68 years, God I miss him
A grandma, so many times over, we’ve all lost count
She just keeps on going, must of drank that water from the fount

A lifestyle of serving brings us an eternal inheritance
She led by example, I’m blessed by my heritage
She believes in the One, where the cross wasn’t the ending
She believes in the One, so she will live, even after dying

It’s not about busyness and schedules to fill
We have just enough time, to do God’s will
Wisdom says, “Our time is a shadow that passes away”
“Life’s short but it’s the longest thing you’ll do” they say

So choose what you do with the end in mind
If this is all there is, then do everything you find
But if the end in mind is an eternal existence
Then remember the words of Jesus who said, “Serving is the beginning of never-ending greatness.”


Thank you Grandma Norma for showing me what really matters in life. (She will be 99 this summer and the doctors say she has the blood work of a 40 year old.)