A Piece of Me Died Today, A Piece of Me Lived

My sister Rhonda, would have been 55 today. I miss her so much. I posted this poem about a year and a half ago. Still as fresh and emotional today.


These are some thoughts that I have been experiencing over the last week: Life is truly a journey.

I wrote this on a plane coming home from my nieces wedding. Becky is a beautiful bride and her mother, my sister Rhonda, was a beautiful soul.

A piece of me died today, a piece of me lived.
A piece of me tried today, a piece of me didn’t
A piece of me cried today, tears full of stain
A piece of me lied today, avoiding the pain

Life moving fast, never ending the same
Voices of reason, always getting the blame
A wound ignored, a heart who needs mending
It makes wrong choices, leads to bad endings

I’ve lost a sister, now it looks like I’ve lost more
It’s hard to explain, if you haven’t walked through that door
The sadness is deep, because the memories are good
I need…

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3 thoughts on “A Piece of Me Died Today, A Piece of Me Lived

  1. Beautiful Ken. I pray and have faith that the people we love will welcome us with open arms, no matter the human weaknesses we had in this life. I pray this every day. I think it is a constant prayer of forgiving and forgiveness god bless.

  2. the loss of 1 sister is so painful, I can’t imagine losing 2 sisters. I am so sorry your family had to go through that. my heart breaks for you loss, but I know you will see them again. I know God will comfort you all till then. God Bless you!!!

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