5 Things Every Church Should Do (Part 1)

The first thing every church should and must do is work with Compassion International.

I am coming off a weekend where Compassion International, once again, has impacted our church in such a way as to make us more compassionate, more generous, more unified and much closer to the heart of God.

What church leaders wouldn’t want that to happen to their church?

When we pray the prayer Jesus taught us, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, Compassion assists in helping that prayer come true.

The definition of “compassion” is “to feel deeply about something that needs to get fixed, and then being willing to do something about it.”

Many times we feel deeply about something in our world, but that is not compassion. It is only when we are willing to do something to change it, do our lives begin to define compassion.

Compassion International not only brings to us the awareness of the difficulties children experience living in extreme poverty, but they provide practical, effective avenues in participating in taking away those difficulties.

Child sponsorship connects a child to a sponsor who will write letters and pray for him or her, but more importantly it will connect the child to a local church that assists the child in a holistic way.

From making sure they get and stay and thrive in school, to food and nutritional needs, to helping with medical issues, to providing life-saving antiviral drugs that fight the HIV virus, to insecticide treated mosquito nets that prevent malaria, to safe water filters, to building a safe community full of healthy relationships.

On top of all of those amazing things, the child is introduced to a relationship with Jesus and a local church who oversees the local compassion program, who offers them salvation, eternal life and a relationship that will shape how they view the world for the rest of their lives.

Families at the church I go to have sponsored over 1200 children from all over the world. It has affected us deeply. Think about it. We are one church. And as I always say, “We are not a rich church, but we are a generous church.”

One church has impacted the lives of 1200 children, plus their families.

We have sponsored a Child Survival Program in Haiti where pregnant mothers get medical attention and new born children are given the medical care they need to develop into young healthy children who can be sponsored.

The Child Survival Program is run through the local Compassion sponsor church.

Just this last weekend, the families at my church purchased nearly 900 safe water filters at $55 a filter. That’s about $50 thousand in one weekend! They will give 900 families safe water for life.

Once again, these water filters will be distributed through the local Compassion church where pastors and church leaders will give the filters to families and begin to build on-going relationships with them.

What is great is that the local church in that country, not my church, but the local church will get all the credit for helping children, mothers and families, and ultimately when the local church serves its community, God gets the credit and that is the whole point.

And that is the genius and gift of Compassion International.

It has helped my church live out the true definition of “compassion”, it has made us more generous with our time, talents and treasures, it has unified us and better aligned our hearts towards God’s heart whose passion and deep love for the poor we are called to emulate.

My family sponsors 6 children, 3 from Africa, 2 from Mexico and 1 from Haiti. It is the best investment we have ever made!

They say there are 138 million Americans who call themselves followers of Jesus.

Compassion has a little over 1 million children sponsored.

Imagine how the world would change if every American who calls themselves a follower of Jesus sponsored just 1 child.

That would mean 138 million children around the world getting medical, educational, social, relational and spiritual care!

Those 138 million children will grow up and change our world!

Imagine every church in America growing in compassion, generosity, their lives uniting and their hearts beating in closer sync with God’s.

That, my friends, sounds like Jesus’ prayer coming true, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven!”

Every church should and must work with Compassion International.

If you want to know how you can work with Compassion you can email me, burkeyk@gvcconline.net or go to their web page http://www.compassion.com

You might want to forward this to your pastor and church leaders.

Check out tomorrow as I will write about the second thing every church should do.
It’s a pretty big challenge, but it leads to even bigger blessings.

3 thoughts on “5 Things Every Church Should Do (Part 1)

  1. We do sponsor a child in Africa and we purchased a water filter, it was the very least we could do, we have been so blessed. we don’t have a lot, but we have what we need. if doing these little things can bring people to know that there is a God and that people care, how could we be so selfish to turn a blind eye to them. I am so proud of my Church for getting involved with Compassion!!!

  2. Hi Ken:
    I can’t thank you enough for taking on the Compassion ministry in the first place and for your support over the years. When I visited one of the children I sponsored in Bolivia in 2000, it changed my life in a profound and permanent way. Compassion is the “real deal.” As I’ve shared with you several times, I believe our work as Christians is to plant seeds and watch God bless them, grow them and create a huge harvest, thereby generating even more seeds. At the core, we’re really meant to be farmers. As you and I both know, not only are the Compassion kids blessed, but their families and communities as well. We’ve had the privilege of seeing Christ-centered children grow up and become leaders in their communities, thereby continuing the harvest of the original seeds that were planted.
    As an older man now, I’m excited about meeting these children in heaven at some point in the future. Just imagine the stories that we’ll have to share with one another!
    But perhaps the biggest blessing that I can grasp is how this ministry has changed me. Having been to three countries now and visited many Compassion projects and children…including three of my own sponsored children…I have been blessed beyond belief. I’ve learned about the generosity of the poor for the poor, how hope changes lives, about humility, sacrifice, and about the miracles that our Lord is waiting to perform if only we start taking baby steps of obedience. He stands poised to bless our efforts. He stands ready to love, to heal, to comfort. After all, we are His children and in the same way he loves us, he wants to share the blessing of saving the lives of children beyond the circle of our own families.
    Keep up the wonderful work, Ken.

  3. Ken thank you for posting about Compassion International! This is the greatest organization! We also sponsor six children. It just started with one little girl in Mexico and grew from there. When you see what an impact sponsorship has you cannot help but want to do more to help. As we watch them grow up, receive their letters and drawings, and pictures, we are proud to be part of something so special. I would encourage anyone who is considering this to just do it and then watch God work. It truly is a beautiful thing!

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