A Piece of Me Died Today, A Piece of Me Lived

These are some thoughts that I have been experiencing over the last week: Life is truly a journey.

I wrote this on a plane coming home from my nieces wedding. Becky is a beautiful bride and her mother, my sister Rhonda, was a beautiful soul.

A piece of me died today, a piece of me lived.
A piece of me tried today, a piece of me didn’t
A piece of me cried today, tears full of stain
A piece of me lied today, avoiding the pain

Life moving fast, never ending the same
Voices of reason, always getting the blame
A wound ignored, a heart who needs mending
It makes wrong choices, leads to bad endings

I’ve lost a sister, now it looks like I’ve lost more
It’s hard to explain, if you haven’t walked through that door
The sadness is deep, because the memories are good
I need to take the high road, I know that I should

A piece of me shouted, “Let the truth be shown!”
A piece of me whispered, “Don’t throw the first stone.”
A piece of me wished, “Things need to get fixed.”
A piece of me prayed, “Let Your will be the fit.”

Wish I could go back, do the things we used to do
They say that doesn’t work, every day is new
So I’ll drink today, be it a bitter-sweet cup
I’ll focus on the good, always looking up

A piece of me saw today, that great divide
Where there’s no shame, arms open wide
“I want to see more!” my heart screams and shouts
Faith is where I believe, overriding the doubt

I can see her smile, I can see her hair
I can see her worry, I can see her flair
I can see her warmth, I can see her care
I can see her pain, this isn’t fair

But I can see her grace in her children so grown
Her house was a refuge, a safe place, a home
Memories flood our minds, our hearts seem beleaguered
Because they’re preparing the way to being reunited forever

God bless you Rhonda and the legacy you have left.
Until we meet again.

16 thoughts on “A Piece of Me Died Today, A Piece of Me Lived

  1. I am so sincerely saddened by your loss. The poem was beautiful and made me cry. It also made me ponder many aspects of my own life. Thank you Ken for sharing these feelings. God Bless you and yours.
    Vicki Conlee

  2. God will put sorrows in our paths, but he leads us to the way of healing and comfort.
    Your thoughts brought tears to my eyes.
    I am unable to imagine the unknown feeling of loosing someone that you have grown and learned with. Having three siblings… its an unbareable thought.
    Bless you Ken and your family

  3. Thanks for being so vulnerable, Pastor Ken. I hear your sorrow in what you write. Sometimes there are days I can’t even think of my parents being gone. It’s just too painful to remember. It never gets easier, but God makes it just tolerable enough for me to take bite-sized pieces to move through it. I really lean on God’s promise of how different it will be on the other side of heaven. I think the sorrow we carry is a measure of just how hard we have loved someone.

  4. i’m sorry for your pain. i had a scare today. My son was in a car accident today. the call came from my daughter-law who never calls me, so i k new something bad had happened. he is bruised but fine,.but i was scared . i prayed for both my daughters this morning but not him. why did i do that he should have been in my prayers too he usually is ???Life is such a mystery i hope that your sisters beautiful memories will be always with you.

  5. Ken, I felt that, know that you are loved and your words mean a lot to us all and hopefully we can remember them and bring them to mind when we find ourselves in a like situation

  6. Losing my mom recently ached deeper than I have known, and I have felt so alone. This helps me turn a corner. Thank you, Ken.

  7. Awesome words. I didn’t know your sister but feel like I would have loved her. I know the loss of family and how deep that hurts and the pain of weddings where someone’s presence was missing. Thank you for sharing your words with us.

  8. You have such a wonderful way with words, I am so sorry for the pain your family has gone through with so much loss. Your family is so strong in faith and close with each other. Please know you all are so loved and prayed for. Thank you for sharing your feelings and your hurt with us. You bless us so much. we are always here for you if it is only with our presence and our love. God Bless you and your family

  9. I too am in tears. I just love watching the Lord stretch you, mold you, use you, strengthen you, encourage you. He is making you into the incredible man of God that He designed you to be from the beginning. I love you and yours…………..

  10. Although I haven’t lost a sister or brother, I did lose my first wife. I simply do not understand how people go through this kind of pain without the hope of salvation and a heaven that awaits us when we pass through the curtain of death. I doubt a single day goes by that I don’t think about her.
    I heard a gentleman speak about the loss of his young daughter (I believe she was three). He put the most positive spin on his loss…..he completely turned it around and said, “Thank you Lord for allowing me to HAVE three years with her. They were awesome years that I was privilidged to have.” He looked at his life as a daily walk of thanksgiving for each experience, not a focus of hurt. I was caught off guard with his response.
    It helped me realize that I am simply a sheep that is put on this earth to willingly follow the lead of my Shepherd. Oh, how I need a Shepherd.
    Thanks for your transparency Ken. It’s great to be in the herd with you…………

  11. Amazing poem Ken, it tells the story of Rhonda in your heart and life so beautifully, she truly was a beautiful person, inside and out and Dave and I loved her very much and will rejoice as you will when we meet again in Heaven!!

  12. My dear cousin, thank you for the share. It came at a time in my household where other loved ones who have gone on to meet our Lord were being remembered. Thank you for the acknowledgement and validation of that deep sense of loss and the profound hope that we also share.

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